Cooljag is a renowned manufacturer of cooling devices specialized in the "skiving" technology. Since establishment in the year 2001, Cooljag has ventured and advanced in the field of skiving and has become a leader in mastering this technology. However, Cooljag is not self-contented for its achievements in the technology alone, and has evolved to become a thermal total solution provider. Being customer oriented and focus on thermal solutions, Cooljag targets specific thermal problems of our customers and finds the best overall solution for heat transfer, airflow, noise and cost, with all kinds of technologies. From our very own skiving technology to extrusion and even stacked fins with heat pipes, we can find and customize the best solution suited to our customers' needs.

Company Profile

* 1986 Company founded
* 1995 Development of own brand - Jagwire
* 1996 ISO-9002 certificated
   5th National award for small to medium enterprises (榮獲第五屆國家磐石獎)
* 1997 Honored with Excellence award (郭永斌董事長獲選為年度青創楷模)
* 1998 Honored with Rising Star award (榮獲小巨人獎)
* 2001 COOLJAG Established - Thermal Solution Division
   ISO-9001 2000 certificated
* 2002 Montly Capacity of heatsink : 1KK(pcs)
* 2006 All Cooljag products are RoHS Compliant
* 2007 TS-16949 Certificated
* 2008 ISO-14000 & OHSAS-18001 Certificated
* 2010 ISO-13485: 2003 Certificated

Cooljag in Skiving
Cooljag has advanced in the skiving technology as not only we have achieved the thinnest of fins and thinnest of pitches, but also achieved in the highest of fin heights, widest of fin width, and the largest effective single block heat sink in the world. Thus not only Cooljag can create the smallest heat sinks for water cooling, we also can create the biggest heat sinks for thermal solutions other than the use of computers, for example, high power electricity, heavy machinery, LED equipment, automobile and many other different industries. This breakthrough will not only broaden the vision of Cooljag as a thermal solution provider, but will also extend the usage of skiving technology, and bring its benefits to all the industries with heat problems.




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